Mental health and wellbeing

Because a healthy mind leads to healthy habits and happier people.

Benefits to clients

Ripple tracks your clients progress providing critical data so that you can develop timely interventions and clients themselves are able to zone in on areas of their mental health and wellbeing that are adverse to their improvement.

Benefits to organisations and staff

Measure Outcomes

Organisations and staff can measure outcomes and focus on the real issues of their clients, ensuring efficient use of staff resources and reduction in client recovery time.

Track Progress

Outcomes can be tracked across any time period and comparisons made between departments, programs, locations and industries.


Resourcing of staff, training and budget can be allocated according to need.

The industries & sectors we help:

  • – Child Protection
  • – Disability
  • – Mental Health
  • – Youth and Adult Justice
  • – Schools
  • – Hospitals
  • – Mental Health
  • – Out of Home Care
  • – Defence
  • – Manufacturing and Construction
  • – Agriculture, Mining and Forestry
  • – Retail Sales, Entertainment and Finance


A ripple is a custom-framework where information is collected and analysed to provide insights about a person’s overall mental health and wellbeing. Ripple can also track and analyse the health of a department, group, program and entire organisation.

Each ripple has a selected number of primary level factors that comprise the framework developed by you or our consultant psychologists. With each primary variable, you can select a series of secondary elements that are rated on any chosen scale delivering an infinite number of possibilities.

If you have a particular requirement for your project or a cohort of clients. validated psychological questionnaires can be embedded.


Custom reports can be produced to any level when required:

  • Individual
  • Team /Group
  • Organisation
  • Network
  • Management
  • CEO
  • Government

Ripple Effects

Client Outcomes

Understand your clients’ immediate needs and take action.

Save Money

Focus resources to where they are required most.

Stronger Connections

Tune into other professional’s thoughts, ideas and plans.


Gather the knowledge we need to improve health and wellbeing.


Discover what’s
working, measure your

Organisational wellbeing

Align your culture with your values, keep your people well.

Performance tracking

Analyse key metrics to ensure you are making a positive impact.

Customer feedback

Get direct feedback in a timely manner.

About Us

Ripple has been developed to fill a significant gap in knowledge of how various industries can better measure their outcomes.

CEO of Ripple, Gregory Nicolau, is a Melbourne-based Consultant Psychologist, entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Australian Childhood Trauma Group. He has over 35 years of experience working with executives, managers and staff in the support of clients and their overall mental health and wellbeing.

With a client base extending across government, non-profit and private sectors, Gregory has developed the foundations for innovative ‘outcome tracking’ solutions. This developed framework allows his clients to improve the results and efficiencies of their resource deployment, while helping them visualise and address their particular needs.

Ripple is a cloud-based and fully responsive platform, which has been developed in Melbourne by specialists in complex digital systems and management. This process of developing the functionality of Ripple’s systems is seen as perpetual and is shaped primarily by structured client feedback.

The success of Ripple lies in both its responsiveness to innovations and research within the broad sphere of outcomes solutions, as well as a company structure that draws from the expertise of every member of its team, from account managers to the board, who are vital players in Ripple’s development due to their experience and performance within the areas of digital development, management processes, mental health and wellbeing.