Ripple for Schools

An extra pair of eyes

Ripple lets teachers focus on teaching while supporting students who may require it.

We can’t leave our students’ mental health and wellbeing to chance

A number of factors can impact a child’s readiness for learning each day. These can be physiological, such as being tired or hungry, or psychological, such as feeling unsafe due to family disruption or being bullied at school.

These factors could be early indicators of students whose academic and behavioural performance are at risk of decline.

Ripple gives you an insight into what may be affecting a student’s learning ability, which helps you provide the right support to get the student back on track.


Students record how they are feeling
throughout the week on a scale of emojis.

This is translated into daily reports, which over time generate heatmaps showing you the areas of the student’s life that might require support.

Ripple screens tablet mobile heatmap

You can also generate reports that show individual, group or school-wide trends. This allows you to craft interventions based on the trends and evaluate their outcomes.


Automatically schedules

Creates user-friendly reports

Has a messaging function to talk with the student’s support network

Includes skill-bite videos to help your staff create effective interventions

Can be used off-the-shelf or tailored to your needs

Can also be used to track and support staff wellbeing

Can be embedded with your internal IT management system


“I’ve had heaps of positive feedback from staff about Ripple, and even students are finding it useful to see their own heat maps. I had a great conversation with a student on Thursday because her ripple had dropped really low and we talked about her school report.”

Director of Wellbeing , Sydney

“Teachers are logging in and seeing the students reports and it has been great to use this information to identify kids that we need to catch up with or follow up with.”

Primary School Co-ordinator , Wellington

“Teachers are beginning to talk about their Ripple data which is great. Most of our year 7 students are completing the Ripple before the school day starts and they are enjoying it.”

Deputy Principal , Canberra

(Details of testimonials are available upon request.)